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Tattoos by Jes

Tattoos by Jes

Jes is a self taught tattoo artist and credits his clients, friends and other tattooers for pushing his creativity. He is one of the most versatile tattoo artists in the midwest but is often recognized for his neo-traditional color tattoos and his geometric black and dotwork. Creating custom tattoos with clean line work, lots of black, bright colors, and high contrast is what you will first notice when looking through Jes's portfolio. At this point in his career he does many large scale tattoos (sleeves, back and chest pieces, full legs), always paying attention to the way a tattoo flows on the body and how it will hold up over time.


Jes loves putting his own spin on your idea and some of his favorite things to tattoo are: animals, flowers, mandalas, lady heads and any Japanese subject matter. Jes is currently taking on projects that are creatively inspiring to him and would love to hear your ideas for your next tattoo. Jes is huge Star Wars fan, he likes working out, playing with his dogs and four wheeling in his Jeep.




Jes Strickler

261 W Cocoa Beach Causeway

Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

(321) 726-8433

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